Privacy Policy

At Factoría Elearning, we request information from our clients in an effort to enhance the experience and communication of products, services, and promotions. We collect data such as your name, email, and address, which you provide when you register on our site or make a payment. For security, information about your payment methods is not directly requested by us and remains private between you and our electronic payment system providers.

At Factoría Elearning Limitada, we may use the information collected online to process and complete your request. We also use email addresses in various places within the site to send email communications related to your request. In addition, we keep a record of your purchases and anything else that allows us to improve and personalize your shopping experience. We also monitor the site to check traffic patterns to improve its design and the products and services we offer. At Factoría Elearning, we recognize that we must use your information responsibly.

To provide you with better service, we may cross-reference the information you give us through various means such as our site and our social networks. We might also cross this data with public information or with certain affiliated or subsidiary establishments. By crossing this information, we can better communicate about our products, events, promotions, or personalize your shopping experience.

Your personal data will not be rented or sold for any reason, but it might be shared when you participate in a sweepstake conducted with another company with which we have partnered that may be of interest to you.

If you have any further questions, please write to us at or, and we will be happy to assist you.